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This is not the dodgeball you played as a kid!

  • We do not use the red rubber ball! We use a lightweight foam ball.
  • We do not allow any children to be mean to other children, our games are built around FUN!
  • We have ways of playing that is AWESOME for EVERYONE, even the non-athletic kids!
  • We provide constant supervision and bullies are not allowed to play!
  • We are perfect for festivals and can entertain more kids than any other amusement activity.
  • Our Dodge Bullying Program is perfect for Anti-Bully Education Week!
  • Children LOVE to be REWARDED with Dodgeball2You® for End of the Years Incentives, Reaching ARP Goals, or JUST TO FOR FUN!

Everyone remembers dodgeball as a kid. You either LOVED IT or hated it. The fact is, the ball did hurt when you were hit. Now, Dodgeball2You® provides a soft foam ball and ways to play that is fun for everyone. The children LOVE IT!

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