Dodge Bullying® Program!


Want us to share our anti-bullying message to your students and then have fun?!

Dodgeball2You® has created a program for school systems called Dodge Bullying®! When we are at schools our main focus is to provide a message to students about bullying and to have fun playing our version of dodgeball when our message is complete. We focus on three primary areas of bullying:
  1. The one being bullied.
  2. The one witnessing the bullying.
  3. The bully.
Talking to the kids about our anti-bullying program
Our Dodge Bullying® begins after we have set-up as many arenas necessary and then we give a presentation with examples on how to handle or deal with a bully. The entire program can last 2 hours or more depending on the number of students and arenas used. The kids learn an awesome lesson and then they get to play a fun new way of dodgeball with our system.

Below are some tips and advice that we give to students when we speak during our Dodge Bullying® Program.

What a student should do if they are the one being bullied?
  1. Seek Help!
    -#1 is tell an adult! You can tell one or more adults that you feel comfortable talking with.
    -Talk to your friends for help.
    -Work on yourself, in other words, watch your words when you are bullied and how you respond. Practice not feeding the one bullying you because it will only escalate.
  2. Keep Your Head!
    -A bully likes to take advantage of the weak. If they see that they are getting you mad or sad, then they will continue. If they see they are not bothering you, then they will get bored and move on.
    -Ignore them and walk away.
  3. Create Change within the School and Community!
    -Bullying is a worldwide epidemic. Work with others to stop the bullying behavior.
  4. Kids patiently waiting to play in our arena
    What a student should do if they are witnessing someone being bullied?
    1. Interrupt It to Stop It!
      -Ask the bully to stop the bullying.
      -Intervene by standing next to or speaking up for the one being bullied.#1 is tell an adult! You can tell one or more adults that you feel comfortable talking with.
      -Offer friendship and comfort to the one being bullied..
    2. Seek Help Immediately!
      -Quickly and safely, find an adult who can stop it.
    What a student should do if they are the bully?
    1. Recognize it and Commit to Changing!
      -Sometimes bullies don’t recognize that they are the one that is bullying others.
      -If you have been told that you are a bully then talk to an adult, like a teacher, administrator or parent, for help on how to get along with others.
      -Say, “I’m Sorry”, to the ones you have bullied. It goes a long way for students.
      -Resist peer pressure and the urge to bully.
      -Think how you would feel if someone was bullying you.Seek Help Immediately!
      -Before you speak, think about what and how your words would hurt or help someone.
      -If you start to bully, walk and find something else to do.
    The most important thing to remember is you don’t have to like everyone around you, but you have to treat everyone with respect.
    The tips above were created from Stop Bullying Now, which is a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services initiative.
    We are always packed when we are set up

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