Dodgeball2You® Birthday Parties!


Want to have your birthday party talked about?

    • Your child will love you!
    • You will not have to do anything but provide drinks for your guests!
    • Your guests will rave on what an awesome idea!
    • Kids will be having fun and exercising!
    • Kids will stay out of your house!
    • We manage all game play!
    • We have over 10 different ways to play dodgeball.
    • We can manage up to 30 children with one arena!
Kids enjoying Dodgeball2You

By having Dodgeball2You® at your child’s birthday party, you will become the star of the day. Children will play non-stop dodgeball and we can set-up where ever you need us too. A dodgeball birthday party is not what you think! We have a referee option to manage the children and can add other variations of dodgeball games that we have created, which includes the classic parent versus children showdown. We want you to know that in our games it’s safe and fun to hit someone without anyone getting hurt. Reserve us today!

Look how many kids are waiting to play
Moving out of the way

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