Entertain more kids with one Dodgeball2You® arena than any other amusement activity!

  • We outperform by having more kids play than other activities.
  • With our system of play, the kids will not want to leave.
  • We attract the age group of kids / youth that are difficult to attract.
  • Kids LOVE it!

Dodgeball2You® has been used at many festivals. We have been rented and used as a vendor from really large events to small events. We have provided 1 arena to 3 arenas. We allow play from small kids to adults. We can entertain more people at one time than any other activity. Events include:

  • Fall Festivals
  • Spring Festivals
  • Community Festivals
  • Church Festivals
  • School Festivals
  • Kids Festivals
  • Holiday Festivals
  • Family Festivals
  • Food Festivals

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