About Us

In 2004, a movie came out that reminded many people about a hard rubber ball and game called dodgeball. The movie was a success, however, schools across the country began banning dodgeball as a game that can’t be played due to the trauma that the decision makers had in their childhood. From that point on, coaches played dodgeball in hiding.

What these decision makers neglected to realize is coaches adapted from a hard rubber ball to a soft foam ball to make it safe for kids. Coaches also used rules that allowed all children to be included in someway, even if they were “out.” To no avail, dodgeball still was not allowed…until Dodgeball2You!

Dodgeball2You was created by an elementary school teacher that found away to build an arena that keeps the balls in play and can be assembled quickly. He even went as far as applying and receiving three (3) patents on his arena.

He created Dodgeball2You and began working any and all events that offered inflatables, laser tag, rock walls, or any amusement activitiy out there. The result was an instant success. As more events were completed, the better the overall system became. Dodgeball2You began out performing most amusement activities! The lines were fast and kids were having fun!

Other programs Dodgeball2You has created along the way that have been successful are the Dodge Bullying Program, Dodgathon Fundraiser, Dodgeball2You Tournaments and Dodgeball2You Rental Service with an attendant. Dodgeball2You’s patented mobile dodgeball arenas have been set up in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, Texas and California. It currently has franchises in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee and have completed over 2,000 events with hundreds of thousands participants playing without any injuries.

As Dodgeball2You continues to grow, they’ll be looking for operators that have the same vision and work ethic as the founder. Kids and Adults really do love dodgeball!