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What are the origins of Dodgeball2You® and its PATENTED ARENA?

Rick always used dodgeball as a fun game while teaching elementary PE and operating his summer running camps. The game has changed to make it safer and not the game of the past where giant rubber balls would knock you on your bottom. Because it was safer he was able to convince his principal to reward the students with a students versus teachers dodgeball game, this is when it gained more traction and where it began to evolve. The game ended up being a big success and everyone had fun. This is when the idea took shape and Dodgeball 2 You was dreamt.

Although the game is fun and is great to play as a school game, Moody believed there were other problems with the current game. These problems included:

-Too much ball chasing. It’s difficult to play dodgeball when you spend most of your time chasing the ball.
-It was mostly played in gymnasiums or inside. Not many people own these facilities therefore the game was limited to those places.
-Everybody knows dodgeball but everyone stops playing it after they get out of school…The out of sight out of mind syndrome.
-There are no real Professional Dodgeball Teams and Players which makes it their only job. This makes the game pointless to play after elementary school.

His goals were to fix these problems and to make the game better. These are his solutions:

-Invented a Mobile Dodgeball Arena that encloses the game so there is less to no ball chasing.
-Made the invention usable outdoors or indoors, all you need is space.
-Reminded people how fun and now safe the game is!
-Created Dodgeball2You®, a one of kind, Rental and Vendor Service, so everyone can rent a set-up for very little and play this exciting and fun game.

One of the FIRST SET-UPS




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New SET-UP January 2014


Dodgeball2You uses high-quality fittings that are unmarked and high gloss. The fittings are durable, weatherable and will withstand the test of anyone falling back on them.

The pipes (tubing) we use are unmarked, high gloss, and carries tremendous impact strength. Ultraviolet absorbers protect it from all weather conditions.