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Parents and Kids have fallen in LOVE with this NEW Concept that is FUN and SAFE for Everyone!

Watch the videos below to learn about our AMAZING PATENTED Mobile Dodgeball Arena that we will provide for any type of event! Hurry, reservations are quickly filling our dates!

Dodgeball2You® provides a safe and fun way to Play Dodgeball Anywhere®.

Parents just like you, absolutely LOVE our FUN, SAFE, and Awesome Patented Mobile Dodgeball Arena! Your child is going to have a blast experiencing a game that was once scary to play. With over 1,000 events, we have created many types of dodgeball games that kids love!

“Dodgeball2You® is your solution for an incredible event!”

My child is active and loves to have FUN! What is included in a Dodgeball2You® Birthday Party? Your going to have a 2 hour break with no children bothering you! You’ll just need to provide water or drinks for them to stay hydrated! You child we be able to participate in many types of dodgeball games that we created and the children love! Check out the incredible list below! Hurry! Reservations are going quickly, contact us right now to save your child’s date!

Some of Dodgeball2You® Birthday Party Games:

  • Festival Play! – Just like the name, it’s a party! With this game, everyone plays and it’s never ending! Your child will have a BLAST!
  • Guard the Pin! – This action packed game is all about knocking down the pins of the other team. If you get hit, they go and do 3 jumping jacks and return to the game! Your child will become a more accurate thrower!
  • Birthdayitis! – Well, it’s your child’s birthday and they are infected with Birthdayitis…they have to now get everyone else infected!
  • Last Person Standing! – Boys and girls love this game! Your child’s strength and flexibility will quickly improve while they attempt to survive in this awesome game!
  • Spiderball! – This is a birthday party favorite favorite! Your child’s speed and reflexes will jump to the next level as everyone is against everyone with only one ball in play! The kids absolutely love this game and the parents love to watch!
  • Mini-Tournament – This is an awesome tournament for all the players! The teams will play a double elimination tournament to decide who the Dodgeball Champions!

My child has a school festival coming up! How can Dodgeball2You® be involved? Your child will be super excited to see us at their school festival! There will be many other parents that will be thank you later because their child will play the entire time! We have a way to play that’s exciting for the kids and they absolutely love to play. We will be the busiest activity there!

My company has a picnic every year and dodgeball would be fun to play! How would Dodgeball2You® make it work? We are the biggest attraction at every corporate event! First, children will begin playing and you’ll have to get me to make them go eat. Second, adults will want to play too! It’s awesome to throw a ball and hit your boss. Since it’s a foam ball, it doesn’t hurt and it’s a lot of fun! Everyone will have a blast!

My church has a dodgeball tournament every year! How can Dodgeball2You® make it better? We are the best at putting on quick efficient tournaments with a guarantee that everyone will play a minimum of 15 minutes…that’s even before the tournament begins! We can set-up as many arenas needed to make the tournament last no longer than 3 hours! Everyone will have a awesome time with our systems of play!

These Dodgeball2You® Arenas are a genius idea! How did you come up with this idea? The inventor was an elementary PE Teacher and his students loved dodgeball, but there was no way to play outside. So he built it and has several PATENTS on his arenas and systems.

I want Dodgeball2You® in my area! How can I get it in my area? We are offering FRANCHISES across the United States! Go to our Dodgeball2You Franchise website and send us your information. We will get you started with this awesome opportunity very quickly! Many of our current franchisees are coaches, youth pastors or involved in youth sports! “We are the BEST!”

What ages do you allow to play? We only accept children who are ages 5 thru adults. (If your child is 4.5 or 5 years old, your child may be able to play after we see how they respond to instruction.) We want everyone to love dodgeball and by letting a child too young to play, it may scare them if the balls hits them.


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