Rent a Dodgeball2You® Arena for Your Upcoming Event:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Events and Picnics
  • Dodgeball Leagues
  • Dodgeball Tournaments
  • Colleges & Schools Events
  • Churches Events
  • Summer Camps
  • After School Camps
  • Festivals, Carnivals and Fairs
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Fundraisers

Attend a Dodgeball2You® Event Hosted by Us or Our Customers:

  • Dodgeball2You has it's own Reservation System for Events we are Working with.
  • Hosts can use our Reservation System for their Events.
  • Hosts can Collect Payments and Reservation Data for their Events.
  • Participants can Create a FREE Account to Register for all of our Events.
  • Participants can Register for Upcoming Events that are Public or Private.
  • Participants can Register for Tournaments, Leagues and Other Events.

Join Our Growing Group of Dodgeball2You® Arena Licensees:

  • Add $50K+ Revenue to Your Existing Business!
  • Offer Dodgeball2You® Tournaments and Leagues!
  • Dodgeball2You® Arenas are Quick and Easy to Set-Up!
  • Access to Create and Receive Event Registrations!
  • Ongoing Licensee Support and a Personalized Webpage!
  • Official Dodgeball2You® Patented Arena Equipment!
  • Affordable Licensing Fees!
  • No Monthly Franchise Fees!
  • Dodgeball2You® Arenas are NOT Sold in Stores!
  • Never Pay for a Dodgeball2You® Arena Replacement Part!

Adults and Kids Love our Dodgeball2You® Arenas for their Events! Check out our Testimonials!