How We Make Money!

A Dodgebal2You® Franchise can be as small or as BIG as you make it. It’s earning potential is only limited to how much you want to work and the number of arenas you have access to. The beauty is our franchise has a very small overhead.

The way you are going to make a living is to start small, then increase to having more arenas in your Exclusive Territory. After you have built a steady client base, the next step is to expand to neighboring counties and begin hiring employees to cover those areas. By then, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to generate more revenue.

There are six (6) ways we can generate revenue.

  1. Rental Reservations
  2. Youth & Adult Dodgeball Leagues
  3. Youth & Adult Dodgeball Tournaments
  4. Pay to Play Events
  5. Dodgathon Fun Run
  6. Advertising Space on Arenas

Current Locations

We currently have 10 locations and are expanding quickly!

  1. Hillsborough County, FL
  2. Western Polk County, FL
  3. Eastern Polk County, FL
  4. Southern Broward County, FL
  5. Northern Pinellas County, FL
  6. Southern Pinellas County, FL
  7. Lee County, FL
  8. Williamson County, TN
  9. Northern Mecklenburg County, NC
  10. Southern Mecklenburg County, NC

Franchise Information!

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